I am excited to announce that the ZaggoCare® System is here!

Visit www.ZaggoCare.org to learn more and to purchase a System.

If you, a family member or a friend are managing a serious illness or injury, help is here.

The healthcare experience is often harder than necessary because people are thrust into new roles as patients and caregivers without training or preparation. The ZaggoCare System makes any type of illness or injury easier.

Did You Know…

  • Thousands of Americans go through unnecessary medical tests – many are even hospitalized unnecessarily.

  • Over 50% of Americans have trouble following their medication regimens, which can lead to serious problems or death.1   

  • A recent study found that 40-80% of information provided by doctors is forgotten immediately.  Almost 50% of the information that is remembered is incorrect.2

  • Studies have shown that patients who are more fully involved in their medical care have fewer complications, better experiences, and increased access to care.  

What is the ZaggoCare System? 

ZaggoCare is an innovative system of educational information and tools designed to turn the chaos of a medical ordeal into manageable order.  The ZaggoCare Guide, an 120-page book packed with extensive practical guidance and proven tips, is the central element.  It comes with a set of user-friendly organizational tools for conveniently implementing the book’s straightforward advice. Never before have these essential tips and tools been available together in one product. 

Help is Here

Whatever medical challenges you face, the ZaggoCare System is designed to put you more in control of your situation by providing information and tools to help you:
Handle the “ins and outs” of the healthcare system
Communicate better with your healthcare team 
Manage your daily medication routine
Organize your medical paperwork so what’s needed is at your fingertips
Avoid unnecessary services and re-hospitalizations
Stay focused and make better decisions

100% of the profits from the sales of the ZaggoCare System go to The Zachary Carson Brain Tumor Fund for research into diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas.

1 World Health Organization. Adherence to Long-term Therapies: Evidence for Action. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2003.
2 Kessells, RPC, Patient's Memory for Medical Information. Journal of Royal Society of Medicine. May 2003, 96(5): 219-222.
3 How Much Do Health Literacy and Patient Activation Contribute to Older Adults’ Ability to Manage Their Health?  AARP Public Policy Institute, 2005.

The ZaggoCare®  System

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